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Hi my name is Irma. When I was young my parents happened to sell their home every 7 years so I was always intrigued by what it took to get a family like mine into a new home. We had an English speaking agent and I had a Spanish speaking mother so at a young age I was always actively involved in the whole buying and selling process. As a Financial Aid Counselor at Cal State San Bernardino I was an advocate for my students. As a real estate agent I am an advocate for my clients. In a way counseling for students is a lot like counseling a home buyer or seller. My job is to educate and advise on the best plan of action for the ones I’m working with based on very unique needs. Every home buying journey is unique. It is a process where you will want someone who is there for you to trust and depend on for the best advice. Someone who will educate you along the way so by the end you are a home buying expert. Moreno Valley is a central location for my family who are all spread across the IE. We planted roots in this city 9 years ago and since then my husband has become a local business owner with PowerTown Solar and I have become an active member of Northridge Elementary and the Moreno Valley Rec center. As a homeowner myself I know what the home buying process was like and my best piece of advice is to encourage you to do your research on your agent. Find someone with great communication skills and who knows the area you are interested in. Good luck on your real estate journey and if you have any questions check out my helpful links!
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How do I make buying your new home easier than other agents?
One key thing I do is leverage my team. Often times our team is representing a client on the selling side so as a team member we get to show homes before they are even active on the market giving you priority viewing.
How do I make selling your home easier than other agents?
I use A|G’s 19 point marketing plan which has led us to sell over 245 homes last year alone.
What does A|G team offer that other real estate teams do not?
Our job as agents is to focus solely on your experience to make it as smooth as possible. Our team handles many other aspects of the real estate process so we can accomplish that goal. We have dedicated experts in their fields to cover every aspect including a listing coordinator, in house marketing team, Operations Manager, Home Warranty, Termite Inspection, Appraisal and Transaction Coordinator. Overall we leverage our team to accomplish more than any one agent could efficiently do.


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