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Real Estate Correction Crisis?

Housing market correction: Should you sell then rent to get a better deal? We’ve been hearing lots of sellers thinking about selling their house and renting for the next year or two until home prices drop to a lower level.

After all for a seller any correction means they could take there money and buy a home at a lower price in a year or two. The logical next step would be to rent until the prices drop right? If you want to know the answer Joey a local lender walks you through his friends story they recently had who was in this situation. In fact our data shows our local market of Moreno Valley and Riverside will not see a correction close to the 5% shown in Joey’s walk through which means more money in your wallet!

If you are a seller wondering if it’s the right time to sell and you want to know what your home is worth try or free home eval tool here: My Free Home Value Report

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